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  • Do you know about Residential Loan Options?

    The first step is qualifying. We’re prepared to help you find the rate and term you need for the sake of financial security. Fixed rate mortgages can be more difficult to qualify for compared to adjustable rate mortgages. However, when the market is good, and rates are low, fixed-rate mortgages can be the ideal option. Locking in a low interest rate for the entire term of your loan will save you money in the long-run. Adjustable rate loans simply mean the rate can fluctuate but are easier to qualify for....

  • Ready to buy a house?

    Typically, lenders follow the “28/36” rule for loan requirements. Meaning, 28% of your overall monthly pre-tax income can be allocated to housing, and no more than 36% of your total monthly pre-tax income can be allocated to your overall debt. We are prepared to assist in figuring out your lending and mortgage qualifications based on need and income....